The Molding Principle


The CassinaLC 4 chair (chaise longue) by Le Corbusier is iconic. A beautiful object on which I had the pleasure to spend many hours. Unlike other chairs this one offers me only one possible physical position, which also gets on my nerves at some point. Clearly 'form follows form' is the only sane conclusion to take here.

My artistic practice often evolves around a single protagonist. He or she is famous (like Le Corbusier) or unknown, but ever obsessed with the issue of how to shape the living conditions. Today I'm thoroughly researching the life of a deceased writer/priest who left an enormous source of information for me to find and to deal with. Monkish work. Since he left me no rules on how to interpret his trails I'm focusing on details that fascinate me most. His story is mine and mine becomes his. 

Assuming the man’s habits I empty his bird boxes every fall. When the breading season of great tits is long gone. We are always amazed by the formal elements of the nests architecture: ever uniform, taking on the only shape and size possible. A 12 cm by 12 cm square. Build methodically, exactly how I like an interior to be designed.